Pedal Panic: Sky Dash Run™

Little Daredevil Danny has nerves of steel a mile above the sky as he attempts to ride across a construction zone. Help Danny navigate the obstacles and keep him in the air in this quick, fast paced casual game. Unleash your nimble amazing ninja like abilities as you guide Danny along midair construction beams. Why be an ocean surfer when you can upgrade and ride the skies?

Tower Above The Rest

Pedal Panic is simply cool yet adrenaline pumping! When you need a break from herding cats, crossing roads, riding the subway or slaying dragons, this tiny casual game will be your companion. There's always a bit of time for some extreme riding. It's time to throw out your stick of bubble gum or candy lollipop and concentrate on dodging the zigzag obstacles. This is a free to play app fun for the whole family. Whether you are a child at heart or growing boy or girl, this is the perfect runner game for you! It'll bring out the kid in everyone. So, what do you say? Can you be the hero and help Danny with his quest?

  • Pedal Panic: Sky Dash Run


Game Features

  • Ridiculously fun game play
  • Amazing HD graphics
  • Collect coins along the way
  • Compete for the high score
  • Smooth dynamic motion with your phone or tablet's gyroscope
  • Follow the beats with our original soundtrack

It's So Good, It's Jelly
Pedal Panic is sure to have you glued to your screen for hours but it won't turn you into a zombie! Be active and stimulated as you experience the thrill of running across the skies!

Download Pedal Panic today!