Mega Munchies

Match n' Munch your way through a delicious game of Mega Munchies! This tangy match-3+ puzzle game will be sure to leave you drooling for more. Swap out flavorful food items one at a time to link three or more scrumptious munchies and clear the board! Trigger a cascade of sizzling reactions, collect tasty bonus points, and devour your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Pedal Panic: Sky Dash Run

Little Daredevil Danny has nerves of steel a mile above the sky as he attempts to ride across a construction zone. Help Danny navigate the obstacles and keep him in the air in this quick, fast paced casual game. Unleash your nimble amazing ninja like abilities as you guide Danny along midair construction beams. Why be an ocean surfer when you can upgrade and ride the skies?

Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures

Crazy fun and yet so simple! This casual game is perfect for people on the go. Whether you are juggling one Crazy Can or a whole bunch of them, Crazy Cans will keep you coming back for more. With big eyes and a simple smile - they are cuter than a virtual pet or a Tamagotchi. Unleash the Ninja kid inside and keep the cans in the air. Whether you are walking your dog, running a mile or fighting a dragon, there's always a dash of time for a tap or two of Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures!

Battleship: Front Line

Sink your opponents' ships before they sink yours! Enjoy this classic board game directly on your phone. Watch this turn based game come to life as you race against time to be the first to destroy the enemy fleet! Our intuitive AI technology means that no two games are ever alike. Sinking ships will never be the same!

Code Name: Mocha

InkPad Studios is currently working on our next project, temporarily dubbed as Project Mocha. Please check back soon for an official announcement!