Mega Munchies™

Looking for a midnight snack? How about pre-breakfast or a second lunch?

Match n' Munch your way through a delicious game of Mega Munchies! This tangy match-3+ puzzle game will be sure to leave you drooling for more. Swap out flavorful food items one at a time to link three or more scrumptious munchies and clear the board! Trigger a cascade of sizzling reactions, collect tasty bonus points, and devour your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Munch Lots, Munch Often, Munch Happy!

  • Mega Munchies


Game Features

  • Unique Match 3+ game play
  • Amazing HD graphics
  • Dynamic Timer - Extend the clock by raising your score!
  • Compete for the high score
  • Bonus Zen Mode - Breathe, Relax, Play!
  • Available In-App Purchases - Power up, play harder, go further!

Anytime is a great time for Mega Munchies!
Indulge and give into all your greatest food cravings! Enjoy it all the fun without any of the calories. It's a winning food/game combo!

Download Mega Munchies today!