Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures™

Crazy fun and yet so simple! This casual game is perfect for people on the go. Whether you are juggling one Crazy Can or a whole bunch of them, Crazy Cans will keep you coming back for more. With big eyes and a simple smile - they are cuter than a virtual pet or a Tamagotchi. Unleash the Ninja kid inside and keep the cans in the air. Whether you are walking your dog, running a mile or fighting a dragon, there's always a dash of time for a tap or two of Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures!

Can You Keep Up?

Keep the soda cans in the air by tapping them as they fall! Catch and earn Crazy Bucks and customize the play experience with new mystery cans and great looking backgrounds! There's even one with a blinking cat and a couple of birds! Are you a Crazy Cans' Samurai? How many can you juggle in the air before one slips by?

  • Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures


Game Features

  • Simple Game Yet Totally Addictive
  • Real Physics Engine For Real Smooth Game Play
  • Original HD Graphics
  • Personal Leaderboard - Beat Your Best Score!
  • Collect Crazy Bucks to unlock new cans and backgrounds!
  • Facebook Social Feature - Share Your Score & Impress Your Friends!
  • Choose Your Language - available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese

What's Crazier Than A Monkey Tossing Bananas? Crazy Cans!

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