At InkPad Studios, crafting the next big title is more than a job - it is a serious passion for our team. Some members are leading experts in this dynamic, fast paced industry while others represent some of the brightest young minds just beginning their career. In either cases, creating games is what our members want to do!

InkPad Studios offers a radical grassroots approach that fosters a culture of creativity and innovation that we consider as the main ingredients of making the best games in the world! We aim high and have put together a team that expects the same.

From artists and graphics designers to sound engineers and story crafters, we are always on the lookout for new talent. If you want to work in an energized, fast paced environment within the mobile gaming industry, then InkPad Studios is the right choice!

InkPad Studios employs an outside the box approach to compensation. Our members actually owns the creations and benefits from the monetizing elements within each application. If you are tired of working for a paycheque and want to kickstart your ownership portfolio, then you are at the right place. Email us to get your career started!

Here are some positions that might be right for you:

If you have a skill that we have not posted, don't worry! Email us and we will work hard to make you a part of the team.