Crazy Cans™

Crazy fun and yet so simple! This casual game is perfect for people on the go. Whether you are juggling one Crazy Can or a whole bunch of them, Crazy Cans will keep you coming back for more. With big eyes and a simple smile - they are cuter than a virtual pet or a Tamagotchi. Unleash the Ninja kid inside and keep the cans in the air. Whether you are walking your dog, running a mile or fighting a dragon, there's always a dash of time for a tap or two of Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures!

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Game Features

  • Simple Game Yet Totally Addictive
  • Real Physics Engine For Real Smooth Game Play
  • Original HD Graphics
  • Personal Leaderboard - Beat Your Best Score!
  • Collect Crazy Bucks to unlock new cans and backgrounds!
  • Choose Your Language - available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese

New Version Releases
Look out for scheduled updates! Our dedicated team of developers are pushing and redefining "Apps & Ideas" with every line of code!

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