As an artist, you will be creating original 2D/3D assets that will be used in-game as well as create and design art
for use by the marketing team. Our artists create anything from posters to animated sequences and everything in between!


  • Sketch, draw and design art concepts for game design documents to make the vision of the graphic design more tangible;
  • Create environments, characters, objects, and atmospheres that sets the look and feel for each game;
  • Produce sketches to help show the preliminary project intentions;
  • State ideas based on direction and the advancement of the project with screenshot paint overs and retakes of existing illustrations;
  • Effectively communicate visual intentions with wider team;
  • Make any necessary changes to ensure that the work is in keeping with the artistic vision;
  • Iterate on selected sketches by adding more detail;
  • Account for technical constraints and limitations to suggest realistic concepts.


  • Creative with a strong passion for producing high quality art for the mobile gaming environment
  • Understand that design concepts change and can adapt and adjust work quickly
  • Comfortable in working with various industry standard software such as Maya, Illustrator and Photoshop

If you have been an artist your whole life, we would like to see your work! Show us your portfolio and we will create
an environment for you to bring your imaginations to life.

If you would like to apply for this position, please forward your resume and any relevant documents to [email protected]