About InkPad Studios

InkPad Studios is a brand new mobile apps start up located in Vancouver, BC.  Our mission is to connect the world socially through games that are engaging and use an intuitive user interface. Creating a community for developers, designers, and conceptual artists, InkPad Studios strives to turn our clients' visions into a high quality and profitable product.

InkPad Studios' guiding principle is to bring expert developers together with those who have great app ideas.  Our current team has generated creative app ideas and we are turning them into exciting new games. Our development team continues to finalize apps across both Android and iOS platforms. Be amazed at what you will play!

Our Development Team
True to our grassroots model, our core team of coders have worked for various (and sometimes competing) software giants. With a combined experience of over thirty years in this relatively young industry, our team is end user oriented with the expectation of providing those who use our products with the best user experience possible.

The Business Team
Similar to our Development Team, our Business Team is also made up of experienced professionals from different industries bringing with them multiple perspectives to every issue that requires attention. Our dedicated team of strategic direction advisors helps keep InkPad Studios oriented in the right direction to be in the forefront of this fast paced and highly competitive industry.

The Marketing Team includes experts in Social Media. Working alongside our advisors who direct multi-million dollar marketing budgets in the banking, real estate and technology industries, this Team is solely focused on monetizing our apps in the most socially responsible way.

Our Mission

"By developing interactive mobile games, InkPad Studios strives to create the next level of gaming experience by providing engaging titles and creating the most intuitive user interface."