Mobile Gaming – Possible Threat to Consoles?

Mobile gaming has grown tremendously in the past five years and no one could have guess how big a market there could be back then. Let me remind you of those days: the average individual was using either a Sony Ericsson, a Nokia, or a Samsung flip phone. Those who had the money to spend on high-end technology could have got their hands on a newly released Nokia N95, BlackBerry 8830, or iPhone 2G. Nevertheless, none of these phones had high graphic processing capabilities and all would have crashed just by playing angry birds.

Now a days, quad-core processors are the norm with 5 inch 1080p displays, dedicated GPUs, 4GB memory, and multi-touch capabilities. The average mobile phone right now has as much processing power as your 5 year old computer and is even capable of playing Starcraft! It should be no surprise then, if I tell you that the mobile gaming market is expected to generate $81.6B by 2016. Given this overwhelmingly big market and a mind-blowing growth rate of 19% per year, is mobile gaming going to kill consoles?

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Not anytime soon. Although mobile and console games have overlapping target markets, they are completely different products. (For now at least) The biggest difference: no one commits to 24 hour couch sessions to play mobile games. Mobile Game Developer aim to create simple and repetitive games while console Game Developer aim to create complex storylines with difficult to solve problems. So for the time being, mobile games are creating a market on its own and poses no threat to consoles.

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