Why Do You Like Working For InkPad Studios?

As a start-up company, having a good workplace culture is very important because that’s how we attract and retain talent. We have tried very hard to create a culture promoting teamwork, innovation, and hardwork and we’ve asked some of our members for their opinions:

Nathan C. (Mobile App Engineer):

When I was told of the opportunity to join InkPad Studios, it literally took me two seconds to say yes...maybe less! My friends laugh at me as programming is what I already do and now, I have two jobs. I have to say that with a family and kids, juggling time to do the work is a job all by itself. But this is truly what I love to do. InkPad Studios has given me an opportunity to explore a field where I have always had an interest in but don't get to work on at my other job. As I tell my friends, this is what I would be doing anyway on my own if this hasn't come along. The thing I love most about InkPad Studios is the space it has created where people can explore and grow as programmers. I have been working in the tech industry for longer than I care to admit (15+ years) and I am just learning an incredible amount. I think it is this culture of creativity and tolerance of people trying something new at InkPad Studios that keeps me going - knowing that I am somehow also contributing to it is a bonus.

Eddie A. (Team Lead):

I first thought about starting up InkPad Studios after having a discussion with a friend who had a crazy but certainly viable idea for an app. I think if we had brought it to the market, it would have been very successful and in time with the right resources, we would certainly explore it. I got to thinking that there must be so many great ideas out there just waiting to be explored and developed. I did some research and talked to a few industry experts and the feedback that I got was that there was a need for smaller, less corporate structured companies that can cater to folks, like me who are not necessarily experts in this fascinating mobile tech world, with great ideas. With some luck and great connections, we were able to bring together a fantastic group of game creators already working in the industry. I have been involved in this fast paced mobile tech world now for about six months and everyday, I am learning so much. Everyday is something new. I really can't imagine doing anything else. I just wish I had this idea earlier!

I think the thing that I am most proud about InkPad Studios is the people who work on the team. Everyone has a grassroots mentality - to see the support within the group is just fascinating. We have a group of folks who understands the industry and how difficult it is for someone new to get into it. We are not afraid to reach out and give someone who is learning about the mobile tech business an opportunity to explore the field. As long as you have the skills and a passion to create and want to work with a mobile tech start up, we are here to help. I bet you will also have some fun along the way.

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