Well, Actually, We Are Watching Others Go To Battle School!

What can be better than a blockbuster hit combining Sci-Fi with blowing things up? Cheap Tuesday at Cineplex, of course! Yup, after finding out that Ender's Game is on D-Box, the InkPad Studios team is taking a break from bringing the latest game to the iOS platform (though, we will be working hard until late in the afternoon!) and making a trip down to SilverCity Riverport in Richmond. We are going to experience the film with motion effects!

Besides, enjoying the feature film with an added dimension, one of the best part of D-Box seats like best is the reserved seating. It doesn't matter when you get there, your seat is always waiting for you.

We have heard great things about the movie and the team is looking forward to being there! If you are looking for something to do this Tuesday night, consider a movie! We might see you there!

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