Steam Machine - The Future of Consoles

Steam Remote Control
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The Steam Machine was announced last month with the goal of reinventing the game console and there has been much talk about it since then. The console itself is actually not that different – a processor module, a graphics module, a memory module, and a power unit fitted together in a box that allows efficient cooling. What stands out is the design of its gamepad – the Steam Controller. It features two trackpads instead of the traditional thumbsticks and d-pads. Valve believes that trackpads will offer the precision of a PC mouse while maintaining the versatility of a gamepad.

This switch over will be revolutionary for first-person shooters and other mouse friendly games. We can finally get consecutive headshots without being lucky, and, if we dare to dream, we may even get proper strategy games on consoles! Nevertheless, there is still much to be finalized for the Steam Machine and its earliest possible launch date is still 12 months away.


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