There Are Spies At InkPad Studios!

More often than not, our entire team gets together and have a fantastic time playing board games. Yup, not only do we like collaborating together to produce games, we also enjoy competing (sometimes, intensely) against each other over a good board game.

Yesterday, the team decided to play Resistance - a great game of strategy that requires the players to flush out saboteurs. The best thing about the game is that it requires the players to know more about how each other thinks. The better we know someone, the easier it is (or is it harder?) to figure out who the spies are! Conversations about strategy and how the games played out could go on for days! It helps strengthen the bond between our team members as well as encourage creativity within the group.

Last night's highlight must be in the second game where two newbies to the game, who turned out to be the spies, pulled off an ingenious play to cast doubt on others and eventually won the match. At the end of the night, as everyone was leaving for home, we could still hear people shaking their heads and discussing in admiration about the move! It will be the talk amongst the team for a long while.

We feel that great teamwork and strategies to strengthen the bond between members are crucial elements to a brand new start up! What about you? If you have suggestions on how we can continue to build a strong team, please let us know.

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