Fall Game Jam 2014

If you have been following the mobile game industry, you will know that there are staggering statistics on just about every aspect from user engagement to IAP economies to costs per user downloads. Probably the most interesting stat is the amount of revenue that the industry is expected to generate this year. And the number is mind blowing. Global marketing research firm, Newzoo, latest figures suggests that the mobile gaming community will be generating over $25 billion - that's an incredible jump of over 40% from just 2013!

So what does this mean to a new startup like InkPad Studios trying to make it in the big world? Our Game Jam 2014 focused on the industry and industry trends. The takeaway was that we are right here in the perfect niche market at the perfect time! With amazing games combined with a super marketing team to deliver the product to target gamers, we collaborated on what each department can do even better to prepare our games for the market.

With rooms full of developers, game designers, artists, audio engineers and marketing teams, Game Jam also included sessions on the latest technologies and game creation methods that the team can use for future designs and creation. It was amazing to see and feel the vast amounts of knowledge that each member brings and how this knowledge is collectively transferred from one member to another. Already, we have implemented some "newly discovered" creation methods and are employing new technology just available on the market. In a cutting edge technology industry like mobile gaming, it seems that eveyone is constantly learning and the joke is that we are always new at everything! Which is mostly true!

Game Jam was also a time for members to discuss new ideas and frameworks on better collaboration techniques. Participating members discussed how teams are currently working and interacting with one another and whether our current collaboration can be improved. The answer to that, of course, is yes! We are always looking to find new ways to improving the way we work. Great thing was that the team was able to identify roadblocks to communication and came up with better strategies to move our projects ahead. Looking forward to trying out these new techniques.

It's not an InkPad Studios' event without some great food. Breakfast and snacks were provided by our sponsor, Sakanya Seafood and Sushi. It is one of those things that you have to be there to believe it but the cranberry scones were absurdily, incredibly, fantatically, to die for-ly tasty! Thanks for breakfast, Sakanaya! After Game Jam, the team headed out for beer and wings for a little more bonding time. The best part? It was all compliments of InkPad Studios!

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