Spring Social

They say that April showers bring May flowers but it’s May now and it’s still showering!  Nothing could dampen InkPad Studios’ monthly social though as about a dozen members gathered for an afternoon of activities.

First on the menu today was Texas Hold’em Poker for those who wanted to join while others took the opportunity to discuss a few tweaks to a Poker game that we would soon be releasing.  Highlights included some impressive plays by Nick C. and by Stephen Z. who somehow refused to be dispatched by many others with a whole lot more poker chips.  Stephen’s death-defying, hanging-by-the-toenail poker playing technique earned him a second place finish while Nick C. pulled out the win!

Pizza, beer and drinks were on the agenda but we are a competitive bunch and wanted to play Ultimate Frisbee as originally planned regardless of rain or wind.  The weather held out for us and those who got wet were the ones who ended up rolling on the grass.  Clearly, all the brains were on one side and all the brawn was on the other!  It was a hilarious match with one side desperately hanging on while trying out some rather unorthodox tactics.

Back to business, our team heard and discussed a bunch of creative new gaming ideas before the social came to an end.  Tops on the list is a new 3-D concept that involves turtles and beaches!  It promises original gameplay and an intriguing story concept.  Be amazed at what you will play!

Monthly Socials at InkPad Studios are core events where our members try to get out at least once a month and bond.  Other casual events happen all the time such as coming together and watching Godzilla on the big AVX screen.  If you like making games and enjoy having fun and spending time with a great bunch of people, you might consider joining InkPad Studios!

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