Spring Coding Frenzy But Work Whenever

With four separate projects on the go, everyone at InkPad Studios is busy coding....at all hours of the day! We use a flexible work model where our members can choose their own working hours.

Some who like to sleep in, start later while early risers get the rest of the day off beginning with the afternoons. Other take advantage of the camaraderie at our evening work sessions. As long as the production schedule is kept, flexible hours really work around our members busy lives.

These days, however, everyone is working extra hours. Our goal is to launch four new titles within the coming weeks and months. Our brand new Poker game is near complete and a brand new digital board game is being developed.

Many say that they see our team more than anyone else but it is something that we all feel as good about. We are believe in our games and can't wait to share them with the world.

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