Super Fun, Awesome Experience: Vancouver Buddhist Temple Food Bazaar

One great thing about living in Vancouver is that there is never a lack of volunteer opportunities and the chance to get involved in the community. Last Sunday was a prime example of people coming together from different cultural backgrounds to support a great cause.

Vancouver Buddhist Temple has been around serving the local community for over a hundred years. Twice annually, it raises funds by holding food bazaars. People from all over come to the temple over the course of the week to prepare all types of excellent tasting foods. Most are so labour intensive that folks only make them for these occasions.

InkPad Studios was honoured to be able to help out by selling delicious teriyaki chicken, yaki saba and sushi maki! The food was so tasty that it sold itself and was all snapped up by the public in just a few minutes!

We hope the temple was able to raise the funds that it needs and we hope to be able to contribute again when the next bazaar rolls around in October! Thanks to all the volunteers for making this a great experience!

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