InkPad Studios Hot Pot Dinner!

What better way to celebrate the last month of winter amidst a snowstorm? Chinese Hot Pot, of course! It is practically a tradition in Vancouver. Hot Pot is an excellent team building exercise bringing together our business and development teams. Great food and awesome people is always the secret to a fabulous time.

Hot Pot meals take longer than regular meals as it is enjoyed through small servings which leave plenty of time for talk and networking in-between bites. For those who have never had a hot-pot meal, think of it as a fun, D.I.Y. meal where friends cook for each other using a portable stove and pot placed in the center of the table. For our game designer, Andy M., this was his first Hot Pot experience. "This is an incredible way to have a meal. I just want to try everything!"

By cooking and dining together, our team bonded in a very different way than how we would normally interact in an office setting. Over the course of the night, our team covered regular meeting topics, the NHL hockey season, reviewed an episode of Dragon’s Den together while all enjoying an unforgettable meal and experience.

If your company is looking for a group event, we strongly encourage trying out this Hot Pot experience. Our team had a great time! If you also have other team building ideas, please let us know!

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