A Family Kind of Christmassy Fun

Through all the hustle and bustle of the Winter Season, the InkPad Studios family set aside some time to soak in the importance of being together.

The party got into full swing when Bryle and Michael, our in house sound engineers, cranked up their music lists for the evening. Apparently, someone insisted on Christmas themed music - an obvious indication that he or she had not done the Christmas shopping yet at the local mall. Luckily, the sound team were prepared for any possible backlash by having alternative music lists ready to go. Bonus points for those sound guys!

It is a usual and well known fact around the office that whenever there is a party, there are some developers who skip all the meals during the day so they can feast on whatever our sponsor, Sakanya Sushi, provides at the party. This year, as usual, they were not disapppointed. Besides the "usual" complement of first grade sushi and sashimi, we were treated to AAA NY striploins barbequed to a beautiful medium rare as the main course!

As sort of a Christmas tradition (and possibly tradition at every other InkPad Studios' get together), everyone was geared up for Resistance - the social game that artist and first time player, Marcus, describes as a bunch of people screaming at each other. Luckily for other hardened Resistance players, there is subtlety in the screaming to weed out the spies - at which Marcus was thoroughtly amazed! It seems like the good guys won again!

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