Our Summer Roadtrip to PAX in Seattle

There were many sleepless nights, group countdowns and dreamy conversations about what each would do once he got to Seattle. If it would only be here, right now! Well, the event that InkPad Studios had planned to head to for over four months had finally arrived. The PAX tickets safely arrived by mail, passports all secure, everything else packed. First thing on Friday, we would be gathering and heading straight for the border. For many on the team, this was just like the what they always remembered on a snowy Christmas morning! Gifts and presents and happiness galore. Only this was even better...it was sunny and in the summer!

Making it through the border was a breeze and soon we found ourselves heading towards the Emerald City. With what seemed like the entire gaming world congregating at the same place for the weekend, we decided to on a quick drive by of the convention centre before heading out to make sure we had our rooms for the weekend. Seattle was looking better than ever and there were crowds everywhere! The city was alive with gaming buzz. Here and there, gamers were in full cosplay dress.

We began our celebrations for the greatest roadtrip ever with a game of....what else? Avalon, of course! That was the first of many games that our members would try out over the weekend. Fun times all around.

The next couple of days was a total blur...a mix between reality (the line ups certainly reminded us of it!) and the best fantaxy. One member summed it up, "PAX is a fun world that existed completely outside of reality! I can't believe it!" Imagine six floors of gamer paradise - console borrowing rooms here, PC gaming lounges there, cosplayers, mountains of swag, bull-riding, cage fights, and hundreds of games while you are living it up with over 20,000 other gamer fans all packed into each day of the convention! Downtown Seattle was bumpin’ with nerds and our team members was lucky enough to be a part of the action! Seminars and speakers discussed coming gaming trends while indie game studios explored the cutting edge of game design. There were many impressive and very talented studios pushing the boundaries to the extreme!

The InkPad Studios team never had a dull moment. Fourteen hour days seemed to breeze right by. Members bonded over games like life-sized Tsuro, Totaido, Zombie Dice, Drive Club, Injustice, Halo OSTD, and Mario Kart just to name a few. It was an incredibly memorable and rewarding weekend! Our team came back stronger, inspired and full of creative new ideas. It definitely turned out to be a Christmas for gamers with all the fun and cheer. Can't wait to get tickets again! Until next year PAX Prime!

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