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    Welcome to InkPad Studios™

    We are a brand new start up in the mobile gaming space but we are eager to offer the world some very engaging products!  InkPad Studios is a grassroots organization built around our most valuable resource -  people who have a passion to develop the next great game!  We have assembled some of the best talents and are working hard at producing the next great game!

    You can be part of the new buzz! If you have always wanted to work in this field but don't know where to start, we can help!  We are always looking for great artists, graphic designers, story writers, music creators and of course, coders.  We have a fresh way of doing things.  Find out why we are only successful if our members are successful. Contact us and discover why InkPad Studios is different from other game developers.

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      Developers: Help Us Code

      Come and join the development team!

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      Marketers: Help Us Tell the World

      Join our marketing team to promote new apps!

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      Quality Coding and Validation

      Experienced Team Leaders make all the difference.

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      Make Money From Your Ideas

      Don't let someone else create your idea.

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      Games Are Cross Platform Ready!

      Engage the world's largest mobile platforms.

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      Follow Us On Social Media

      Watch for latest news, updates, app releases and contests!

    Features, News & Updates

    • Perfect Aces Worldwide launch

      A brand new way to play poker heads up! Focus on what matters and ignore the rest. You must be in it to win it.

    • Play Mega Munchies Today!

      Introducing our new Match 3+ puzzle game! Meet all the colorful characters and play the game!

    • A Game About A Boy And His Unicyle Adventures

      Pedal Panic is simply cool yet adrenaline pumping! When you need a break from herding cats, crossing roads, riding the subway or slaying dragons, this tiny casual game will be your companion.

    • Crazy Reviews Are In For Crazy Cans!

      Yup! Crazy Cans is really fun! A super casual game that will keep you busy while you are on the bus or waiting in the coffee line up. Try it today!

    Ideas & Apps

    • A Conscientious Business Model
      We minimize the costs while taking care of business so you can focus on creating apps!